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Free Solitaire 3D is a powerful, comprehensive and feature-rich pack of Solitaire card games. What makes it stand out from the crowd of Solitaire collections is the fact that it comes with a unique, impressive, awesome-looking 3D view of the play table.

Anyway, the 3D play environment is not the only thing that visually impresses about Free Solitaire 3D. This app also comes with a really good-looking, neat, elegant interface. Furthermore, a lot of customization options are put at your disposal. It’s not only good looking, but also very easy-to-use and practical. The modern-looking, appealing interface also displays plenty of useful explanations and demonstrations for the rules and the gameplay of each included Solitaire type of game. This makes learning new Solitaire games very easy.

Another great thing about this collection is the fact that it includes over 80 variants of Solitaire games, including popular ones like FreeCell, Double Klondike, Brigade, Flower Garden, Canfield, Coleopter, Spider, Bristol, Scorpion, Buffalo Bill or Castles in Spain. Unfortunately, the free version of the package provides only a very few variants. This is the only bad aspect of this collection: the fact that it comes with a misleading name that makes you think it’s free, when in fact it’s not. At least it’s affordable. Other than that, there’s nothing else to criticize about it. If playing Solitaire is your favorite pastime, then you’ll surely like this package as well.

Margie Smeer
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  • Truly attractive and elegant interface
  • 3D view of the play table
  • Affordable


  • It's not free, and the free version only contains a few variants
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